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How to sign up to be part of co-creating the upcoming Rituals book.
Shishir Mehrotra
Welcome! If you already know about this project and why you want to participate, skip to the bottom and fill out the application.
For others, here’s a quick primer. A couple years ago, Reid Hoffman and I had a wide-ranging conversation on . One of the topics we discussed was this observation from my friend Bing Gordon:
We discussed the iconic examples (, , , etc) as well as the most distinctive Golden Ritual at Coda ().
This conversation turned into a fun project. I decided to meet as many teams as I could, and try to catalog “Rituals of Great Teams.” Since then I’ve talked to hundreds of teams — interviews, roundtable discussions, a survey or two, and lots of fun doc spelunking. As I met team after team and heard about both (a) the rituals they are proud of and (b) what they are hoping to learn from others, I found remarkable alignment. As this project grew, we were approached by a few publishers and are now planning to release the findings as a printed book in 2024.
Given the exploratory nature of this project, I decided that it would be helpful (and fun!) to write the book with others. So I’m inviting a few folks to officially join the Braintrust for helping co-create this book. If you sign up below, you’ll get early access to the manuscript and have the chance to comment and/or contribute directly. I will include the list of contributors in the book when published, and will also send a copy to each of you.
Note: By participating in this process, you acknowledge that any contributions and comments will be visible to other members of the braintrust and may be included in the Rituals of Great Teams book. You also agree to not publicly share or reproduce the contents of this book. I ask that you direct folks to this braintrust application instead.
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